Project Relic feature

Final Prototype Gameplay Trailer Released for Project Relic

Project Cloud Games has shared the final prototype gameplay trailer for its upcoming multiplayer game, Project Relic. Unfortunately, though, the dev team did not reveal any additional details (although we know that the game targets a 2023 release date).

Here is a small description for it via its official gameplay trailer.

“Although it is a small Indie game company consisting of 9 developers, with our passion and insight, we are making a sensuous game. The aim of our company is “making better enjoyment, beyond the normal.” We would like to give our game users an opportunity to experience the new world and the enjoyment that has never been exposed. This in-game play footage is the final prototype of our game Project Relic. We think that It is just starting point of producing but we are sure the final version of it would give all of you a exceptional experience.”

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!