Brutal Doom – New video shows improvements and new features coming to version 20c

Modder ‘Sergeant_Mark_IV’ has released a new video, showing some of the new features and improvements that are coming to Brutal Doom V20c. This new version of Brutal Doom will feature higher resolution blood decals (three times higher than the previous ones), new enemy projectiles and a new melee attack.

In addition, some of the weapons have been enhanced/improved. Players will be able to change weapons while using the double shotgun before reloading, and they will be able to interupt the reloading of the regular shotgun. Moreover, the fire rate of the minigun has been increased and the chainsaw has been revamped.

Brutal Doom v20c will also add some new executions, muddy blood decals on the water, improved torches, revamped projectiles as well as new sprites and sounds for the Plasma rifle, and will make the Skulltag weapons available for usage.


Dev Diary - Brutal Doom v20c - Some of the new features.