Here are Bayonetta 2, Star Fox Zero & Mario Kart 8 running with glorious 60fps on the latest version of CEMU

The team behind the amazing WiiU emulator, CEMU, has released a new version and YouTube’s ‘reznoire’ has shared some videos showing Bayonetta 2, Star Fox Zero and Mario Kart 8 running in 1080p and with 60fps on it.

The team behind CEMU is making a lot of progress and this latest version of this WiiU emulator comes with better game compatibility and improved performance on a variety of games.

This latest version of CEMU will be made available to the public possibly next week (it is currently available only to Patreon members).


Cemu 1.7.1 | Star Fox Zero Gameplay

Cemu 1.7.1 | Bayonetta 2 Gameplay

Cemu 1.7.1 | Mario Kart 8 - 200cc Grand Prix Gameplay

Cemu 1.7.1 (Wii U Emulator) | Improvements Preview