An incredibly polished, but most likely fake, teaser trailer for Left 4 Dead 3 surfaces online

It’s no secret that a lot of gamers want another part in the Left 4 Dead series. And while this may not happen anytime soon as we haven’t heard anything about such a project, an incredibly polished – but most likely fake – teaser trailer has surfaced for it.

Now the reason I’m saying that this is most likely fake is because it contains real-life brands. The previous Left 4 Dead games did not include any so I’m pretty sure that Valve wouldn’t allow real-life brands to be included in Left 4 Dead 3.

Other than that, this could easily pass as an official teaser trailer (it’s THAT good). And since those that created this trailer put a lot of work into it, I believe it deserves the spotlight (even though it’s, as we’ve repeatedly said, a fake trailer).

Speaking of Left 4 Dead 3, the last time we heard about it was back in 2014. In January 2014, some screenshots from Source Engine 3 were leaked, showing Left 4 Dead 2’s map on Source Engine 2.

We do know that Valve is working on 3 VR games so a new Left 4 Dead game could be one of them.  However, and even though a new Left 4 Dead game would be great news, I have to be honest here; I don’t really believe that such a game is under development.

But anyway, apart from this fake trailer, we don’t have anything more to share about Left 4 Dead 3 so go ahead and at least enjoy it!

Left 4 Dead 3 - Concept Trailer