The Sinking City-10

New The Sinking City video showcases “A Delicate Matter” mission, showing 12 minutes of gameplay footage

Bigben and Frogwares have released a gameplay video showing A Delicate Matter, a mission from The Sinking City that can be started a few hours into the game. The video shows how the main investigation mechanics work.

During this mission, Mr. Throgmorthon, head of one of the leading families in Oakmont, asks Charles to look into a delicate matter: a receiver of stolen art has disappeared just before closing the sale of a valuable item, and Throgmorthon wants it back at all costs.

As the investigation unfolds, the player finds out that the story is far more complicated than it first seemed. Without being prompted by the game, the player must question more and more witnesses throughout the town, and use logic to get to the bottom of things.

The Sinking City is currently scheduled for a June 27th release.


The Sinking City | A Delicate Matter - Commented Gameplay [ESRB]