Squadron 42 Mark Hamill

9 minutes of leaked in-engine footage from Star Citizen Squadron 42

A new video surfaced yesterday, showcasing 9 minutes of brand new in-engine footage from Star Citizen and Squadron 42. This video was from an internal review, and its scenes are rendered on client (these aren’t pre-rendered scenes).

Basically, this video shows the current state of Squadron 42, the single-player mode of Star Citizen. And while we all agree that both Star Citizen and Squadron 42 are in development hell, they at least look gorgeous.

As we reported in 2020, Squadron 42 was nowhere close to being complete at that time. Cloud Imperium also stated back then that it had no intention of showing the game to the public in the next couple of years. This explains why this internal review video didn’t see the light of day in 2021.

For what it’s worth, Cloud Imperium released the latest alpha version of Star Citizen in June 2022. Alpha 3.17.2 introduced the all-new Siege of Orison dynamic event, expanded explorable derelict ships and outposts, and implemented the first iteration of AI Planetary Nav Mesh.

Enjoy the video!

SQ42 FULL 9MIN LEAK - better quality