NVIDIA Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo-3

These graphics are possible only on PC, not on PS5/Xbox Series X

A lot of console gamers have been disappointed lately with some current-gen exclusive upcoming games. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 looks like a slightly enhanced version of Spider-Man Miles Morales, and Final Fantasy VII Remake Rebirth looks identical to the first game. However, PC is on a whole new level and recently, NVIDIA showcased what developers can achieve on high-end PC hardware.

The following screenshots are from NVIDIA’s recent Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo, in which it showcased an AI NPC. And while the AI NPC may seem interesting, the environment that NVIDIA’s artists have created is mind-blowing.

Although we don’t have any PC specs, this environment took advantage of UE5’s NVRTX branch, using DLSS and RTXDI. And, as you can see, the results are incredible. In fact, these are the graphics that we may see on PS6 or the next Xbox console. Because, honestly, there is no way current-gen consoles can achieve anything like this.

With DLSS 3, NVIDIA proved that its high-end hardware can achieve playable framerates in modern games with Path Tracing. This alone is something that we may or may not see in the next-gen consoles. So, it will be interesting to see whether there are any developers that are willing to push the graphics of their PC games to the next level.

Lastly, Microsoft will hold its Xbox Showcase tomorrow, and we might see Hellblade 2. And while Hellblade 2 does look great, it’s nowhere close to the image quality of these screenshots. Hell, even the NVIDIA Marbles RTX Demo from 2021 (which you can download) is graphically more impressive than what current-gen games offer.


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NVIDIA Marbles RTX 4090 Ultrawide