Squadron 42 – Real-life actors vs in-game character models comparison

Our reader ‘Sean’ shared with us some comparison screenshots between the real-life actors and the in-game character models for Squadron 42. These comparison screenshots are based on the latest in-game trailer that Cloud Imperium released and show how detailed these character models actually are.

On the left you will find the real-life images and on the right the in-game screenshots. The big actors that have been confirmed so far for Squadron 42 are: Mark Hamill, Gary Oldman, Henry Cavill, Gillian Anderson, John Rhys-Davis, Liam Cunningham, Mark Strong, Craig Fairbrass and Ben Mendelsohn.

As you can see, Squadron 42 will definitely be a great looking game (though as we’ve already said the lighting is inconsistent at this stage but we’re pretty sure that Cloud Imperium will be able to improve it). Cloud Imperium will release the roadmap for Squadron 42 in December so stay tuned for more.