F1 2014 versus F1 2015 – Old-Gen versus Current-Gen F1 Games Comparison Screenshots

Since our PC Performance Analysis for F1 2015 has been slightly delayed, we decided to put up F1 2014 against F1 2015. F1 2014 is an old-gen F1 game, whereas F1 2015 is a current-gen F1 title.

In order to have a proper comparison between these two games, we used the exact same tracks and weather conditions in both of them.

There is no doubt that F1 2015 looks better than F1 2014. While some effects (like the dirt on tyres) have been reduced, the whole lighting system has been overhauled. Not only that, but F1 2015 sports improved environmental detail (like the grass sprites).

However, it appears that some of the road textures are of a higher resolution in F1 2014 than in F1 2015, something that definitely feels kind of weird.

F1 2014 is on the left whereas F1 2015 is on the right.

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