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Marvel’s Avengers Beta cannot run on NVIDIA RTX2080Ti with 4K/60fps even on Low Settings

The Open Beta phase for Marvel’s Avengers has been launched and PC gamers can finally test this game before purchasing it. And while Nixxes Software has released a performance update for it, the game still suffers from major optimization issues.

Let’s start with the bad news. NVIDIA’s most powerful GPU, the NVIDIA RTX2080Ti, is unable to offer a 60fps experience in 4K… even on Low settings. Yeap, you read that right. Even when using Low settings, you’ll see framerate drops below 45fps. Below you can find some screenshots showcasing this underwhelming performance on the NVIDIA RTX2080Ti.

Marvel's Avengers 4K/Low Settings-2Marvel's Avengers 4K/Low Settings-3Marvel's Avengers 4K/Low Settings-4Marvel's Avengers 4K/Low Settings-5Marvel's Avengers 4K/Low Settings-6Marvel's Avengers 4K/Low Settings-1

What’s really funny here is that the performance difference between Ultra and High settings is only 6fps. We seriously don’t know what is going on here. Theoretically, the game should be running better. So yeah, Nixxes will have to further optimize this game via post-launch patches (because let’s face it, the team won’t be able to fix these performance issues by the time the game launches next month).

From the looks of it, the game’s graphics settings are busted. That, or there is something else going on in the background that hammers the GPU performance. I mean, the NVIDIA RTX2080Ti can maintain a constant 30fps experience at all times in 4K/Ultra settings. So basically, we are looking at a 15-30fps improvement when using the Low settings which is as underwhelming as it can get. Bottom line is that you can’t get a 4K/60fps experience in this game. We know that some PC gamers are willing to sacrifice settings in order to hit that 4K/60fps goal. However, that can’t really happen in this game, even when using an RTX2080Ti.

On the other hand, our NVIDIA RTX2080Ti was able to run the game at 2560×1440 on Ultra settings with mostly 60fps. We did notice some drops to 45fps when there were chaotic battles. Still, the game is more than enjoyable with those settings, and its AA solution is also great. Thus, we strongly suggest using a 1440p resolution with your high-end GPUs.

It’s also worth noting that we did not experience any major stuttering issues. There were some minor stutters here and there, especially when the game was loading new areas. However, everything was smooth for the majority of the game.

Here are some screenshots from the game at 1440p on Ultra settings.

Marvel's Avengers 1440p Ultra Settings-1Marvel's Avengers 1440p Ultra Settings-2Marvel's Avengers 1440p Ultra Settings-3Marvel's Avengers 1440p Ultra Settings-4Marvel's Avengers 1440p Ultra Settings-5Marvel's Avengers 1440p Ultra Settings-6Marvel's Avengers 1440p Ultra Settings-7Marvel's Avengers 1440p Ultra Settings-8Marvel's Avengers 1440p Ultra Settings-9Marvel's Avengers 1440p Ultra Settings-10Marvel's Avengers 1440p Ultra Settings-11Marvel's Avengers 1440p Ultra Settings-12Marvel's Avengers 1440p Ultra Settings-13Marvel's Avengers 1440p Ultra Settings-14Marvel's Avengers 1440p Ultra Settings-15Marvel's Avengers 1440p Ultra Settings-16Marvel's Avengers 1440p Ultra Settings-17Marvel's Avengers 1440p Ultra Settings-18Marvel's Avengers 1440p Ultra Settings-19Marvel's Avengers 1440p Ultra Settings-20Marvel's Avengers 1440p Ultra Settings-21Marvel's Avengers 1440p Ultra Settings-22Marvel's Avengers 1440p Ultra Settings-23Marvel's Avengers 1440p Ultra Settings-24Marvel's Avengers 1440p Ultra Settings-25Marvel's Avengers 1440p Ultra Settings-26Marvel's Avengers 1440p Ultra Settings-27Marvel's Avengers 1440p Ultra Settings-28