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Valheim Patch 0.217.12 released and fully detailed

Iron Gate has just released Patch 0.217.12 for Valheim on its Public Test Server, and shared its complete changelog. According to the release notes, Update 0.217.12 brings a number of tweaks, fixes and improvements.

Going into more details, Patch 0.217.12 for Valheim fixes a bug causing the cauldron to be non-interactable. Moreover, it resolves flickering colours when placing beech sapling, as well as some glowing signs. Players will now be able to sprint while autorunning again, and they will no longer zoom while in the build menu.

As always, Steam will download this latest update for Valheim the next time you launch its client. Below you can also find its complete changelog.

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Valheim Patch 0.217.12 Release Notes

  • Enemies in dungeons no longer scale size and speed on harder world modifier difficulties to avoid getting stuck
  • Enemy spawn block and item despawn now matches workbench build radius
  • Fixed glowing signs
  • Fixed world modifiers not showing up or being cut off if they were too long for dedicated servers on Steam
  • Magecap & Jotunpuffs can only be farmed in Mistlands again
  • Tin, Obsidian, Guck and many destructible objects now scale drop correctly when using the resource rate modifier
  • Players can now sprint while autorunning again
  • Players can no longer zoom while in the build menu
  • Mouse input is no longer blocked for a short period of time when selecting a build piece
  • Fixed a bug causing the cauldron to be non-interactable
  • Autocomplete in the console will no longer skip entries in the list
  • Fixed flickering colours when placing beech sapling
  • Player based raids should now activate correctly when a player has used a guardian power