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New Valheim mods add bears, lockable doors, airships, runestones & more

The modding community of Valheim has released some pretty cool mods for it. Below you can find mods that add bears to the game, as well as lockable doors, airships, runestones, sleeping bags and more.

Let’s start with the Runestones Mod. This mod adds a magic system to the game with 102 runes and a magic skill. The runes are built to provide utility that complements the base game and make use of little-used materials. In order to use runes, you will also need to craft a staff (just 4 wood). Then, you’ll have to equip your staff and the rune you want to use. And that’s it. All you have to do next is press the attack button to cast your spell.

Player Enhancement is a mod that includes run speed modifier, stamina modifier, jump force, swim speed. It will completely change the way you play the game, so you can give it a go.

The following mods are pretty straightforward. This one adds bears to the game, whereas this one allows you to equip multiple utility items at the same time.

The Sleeping Bag allows you to set your spawn point without a roof above it, and to sleep on it under certain circumstances. On the other hand, the Lockable Doors Mod allows you to create lockable doors with their own keys.

Lastly, the Steamheim Airships Mod brings some steampunk into Valheim with two new airships.

Steamheim Airships

Speaking of Valheim, there is also an HD Texture Pack that overhauls almost all of its textures. In case you do not like the style of this one, you can try this one or this one. There is also a VR Mod for it, as well as a mod that adds unique weapons, new NPCs, and selectable heroes.