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Valheim gets a cool Harcore Server Mode

Modder ‘icecub333’ has released a pretty cool mod for Valheim that introduces a Hardcore Server Mode. This basically means that any player that dies with their character, will then have to create a new character in order to play on the server again.

Now what’s really great here is that this mod works for Vanilla players on Hardcore Servers. In other words, players won’t have to mod their clients for it. Instead, this mod is for those that want to create these Hardcore Servers.

In addition, this mod has a great potential for Role Playing servers, since you have the option to completely disallow anyone to make a character with the same name again. Thus, and once a “person” dies, they can really remain “dead“.

As said, this mod is only for those that want to create these Hardcore Servers. Players can play on these Hardcore Servers without downloading it. So, if you want to host a Hardcore Server, you can do so by downloading the mod from here.

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Have fun!