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Valheim mods overhaul magic, reduce grinding, remove boss healing

A number of cool gameplay mods for Valheim surfaced last week, so we’ve decided to collect and share them in one article. Thus, you can find below mods that overhaul the game’s magic, reduce grinding, remove/reduce boss healing, allow players to auto-pick items and improve the boating mechanics.

Let’s start with the gameplay mod from Marsarah. The purpose of this mod is to make Valheim feel less “grindy”. The mod achieves this by reducing the amount of resources needed to craft and upgrade gear. In addition, the mod also intends to change the types of resources needed to craft or upgrade an item. Thus, some items have their required resource types changed to match the biome they are in.

The Disable Boss Health Regeneration Mod from SKK50 is pretty straightforward. By using it, players can reduce or disable health regeneration on the bosses of their choice. This mod is mostly for solo players. With health regeneration modified on a boss, if other players join your game/server to exceed the NumberOfPlayersMax setting, boss health will start normal regeneration. When they leave, boss health regeneration is modified again.

The Magic Overhaul Mod adds new Classes, abilities, new attack animations, skills and more. Therefore, players can build a fantasy-based party with custom spells and attacks.

The AutoPicker Mod allows you to automatically pick items without the need to press the “E” button. This mod also removes a hard-coded delay on any new items being unlootable for 0.5 seconds.

Lastly, Advanced Boating aims to improve the quality of life (and fun) of sailing and boating in Valheim. Its initial version allows other players on a boat to contribute to rowing speed. The modder also plans to add some new features in the future.

Have fun!