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Starfield now suffers from MAJOR HUD Ghosting/Stuttering Issues

A couple of days ago, Bethesda released a new beta update for Starfield. This update added support for DLSS 3 Frame Generation. It also brought some CPU and GPU optimizations. But there’s a problem now when you’re playing in space. The game’s HUD elements are not working properly. They currently have ghosting/stuttering issues, and they are making the game really hard to play. It’s a big issue that needs fixing.

Now I want to make it crystal clear that these ghosting and jittering problems are happening even when you’re playing the game at native resolution. So, it’s not because of DLSS 3 or AMD FSR 2. Even if you set the game to low settings, these issues are still there. What’s strange is that I never had these problems when I first played Starfield before the update.

So, here is a video that showcases these ghosting and jittering problems with the game’s HUD. These issues only occur when piloting a ship. When you are on foot, everything appears to be working fine. So, I don’t really know what’s going on here.

Bethesda has stated that this update is in a beta phase, so hopefully they’ll manage to fix these issues before releasing it to the masses. Because right now, if you have sensitive eyes, you won’t be able to play the game at all. I mean, look at the video. It’s really bad.

Just so you know, we’ll be sharing our DLSS 3 Frame Generation benchmarks probably tomorrow. We’ve also re-tested the game at native resolutions. We used the same part of the game that we used for our PC Performance Analysis. And, the performance improvements are huge. So stay tuned for more.

Starfield - Major HUD Ghosting/Stuttering Issues


From the looks of it, this stuttery movement is caused by a 30fps lock at the spaceship targeting reticle. Thankfully, there is a mod that fixes it (thanks WilloXno1). So, make sure to download and use that mod.