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Marvel’s Avengers Patch 1.7.0 released, full patch notes revealed

Crystal Dynamics has released a brand new update for Marvel’s Avengers. Patch 1.7.0 resolves numerous issues for both its single-player and multiplayer modes. Furthermore, it brings a number of combat changes and improvements, as well as some visual changes.

Steam will auto-download this patch the next time you launch its client. Below you can also find its huge changelog.

Marvel’s Avengers Patch 1.7.0 Release Notes
  • Mega Hives will be reactivated on May 20.
  • The Heroic Mega Hive no longer erroneously resets.
  • Fixed a rare issue where enemies on Secret Within may not spawn, thus halting mission progress until the checkpoint is reloaded.
  • Previously released hostages are no longer briefly shown in their cells following a checkpoint reload.
  • Fixed an issue where some players weren’t getting accurate rewards for completing various Future Imperfect Operation missions.
  • Fixed a rare issue that would cause the Point Blank mission to seemingly fail without reason when a player spends too long on the mission.
  • Jarvis and Commander Hill’s dialogue no longer overlap on a player’s first visit to Substation Zero.
  • Resolved an issue on Family Reunion where sometimes, the mission would not progress upon completing the objective of freeing the Inhuman prisoners.
  • Companions no longer walk endlessly into walls in My Life as a Weapon so they must contemplate life in a different way.
  • Players’ shadows no longer appear pixelated in Substation Zero.
  • Players can no longer play as locked heroes prior to unlocking them in the Reassemble Campaign.
  • Fixed an issue where controller functionality would be lost if disconnected directly after the grab-tutorial with Hulk on GGB.
  • Fixed an issue where players may become stuck on Substation Zero after speaking with Alisande Morales.
  • Also fixed an issue where players could get locked on the character selection screen on the last character life in the Heroic Gauntlet.
  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes load into the Avengers Initiative when they closed the game during the Reassemble Campaign.
  • Fixed an issue where Faction-related Villain Sectors did not contribute to the Faction Loyalty mission chain.
  • Resolved an issue where missions required for Reigning Supreme would sometimes not populate on the War Table.
  • Fixed an issue where Once An Avenger could not be launched if players attempted to resume the Reassemble Operation from the War Table.
  • Resolved various issues which allowed the player to see or traverse out of world.
  • Fixed an issue where only hosts could complete a prying interaction to open a door.
  • Resolved an issue where users would be stuck in the Quinjet if they accepted an invite from a host who selected a mission from the Future Imperfect Operation.
  • Fixed an issue where players would rarely be unable to interact with a terminal to progress a mission during a multiplayer session.
  • Resolved an issue where players could not progress if a host migration occurred within an elevator.
  • Various matchmaking optimizations and fixes.
  • Hulk’s Tropical Outfit now shows his necklace when viewed in live gameplay.
  • Hawkeye’s mask in his Counter-Earth Outfit now displays correctly.
  • Black Widow’s glasses are no longer missing from her Outrider outfit.
  • The camera no longer quickly zooms in, then zooms out on a player traversing over a vehicle.
  • Heroes no longer briefly float in the air or get stuck attempting to traverse ledges.
  • Kate’s arrows no longer remain when the pierced object, such as a bubble shield, is destroyed.
  • Kamala’s outfits properly turn invisible while affected by Veil of Shadows. Stretchy outfits can be tricky, you know?
  • Fixed an issue where Kate’s Looking Sharp emote can erroneously display a second sword.
  • Resolved an issue where Hawkeye’s Tracker emote would display erroneously when used with his Iron Eye outfit.
  • Visual improvements to the Monatomic Outfits for Hulk and Kamala.
  • Fixed an issue where Purge Keepers would occasionally A-pose.
  • Fixed a rare issue where Abomination can sometimes A-pose or stand idle when the last remaining player of a multiplayer session is downed while reviving another player.
  • Resolved an issue where Kate’s bow would not be gripped properly in her hand when being staggered by an enemy attack.
  • Elite Synthoids no longer spawn in with dirt-covered textures in areas outside of Wastelands.
  • Removed various placeholder textures.
  • Faster loading times when swapping character outfits.
  • Fixed an issue where the revive tutorial may prompt more than once for some users.
  • Also fixed an issue where interacting with vendors as Kate may produce Kate’s bow erroneously floating on the screen.
  • Fixed an issue where in some War Zones, all enemies may erroneously display a red diamond marker above their heads rather than only the remaining straggler enemies.
  • Fixed an issue where previewing cosmetics from vendors can sometimes display the incorrect Hero icon.
  • Credit Packs now properly show the bonuses when viewed in the Marketplace.
  • D-pad now correctly functions on the Credits page in the Marketplace.
  • Various text, localization, and subtitle fixes throughout UI and gear panels.
  • Kamala’s finishers no longer display incorrectly and don’t teleport enemies into the animation.
  • The Hulkbuster no longer clips through the world when using the jump attack.
  • Iron Man’s Countermeasures skill no longer harm himself, companions, or friendly players.
  • Fixed an issue where initiating takedowns with Hulkbuster would never generate orbs, despite having skills to do so.
  • Fixed an exploit which allowed Iron Man to infinitely Overcharge his Intrinsic meter by using the Energy Pulse skill.
  • Also fixed an issue where gravity grenades could cause players to maintain Hulkbuster indefinitely.
  • Fixed an issue where Kate’s heavy attack could cause the camera to clip through objects and act erratically.
  • Fixed an issue where Kate Bishop’s Auto-Blink Perk would rapidly trigger when standing in areas of damage.
  • Also fixed an issue where Kate Bishop’s Perfect Draw would not activate on release when the reticle flashes.
  • Kate’s skill Afterglow now lasts as long as intended upon use of her Support Heroic.
  • Kate’s combo finishers now accurately increase in damage when overcharged.
  • Fixed an issue where Kate Bishop’s Decoy would fail to activate when used just before teleporting with Warp Arrow.
  • Kate’s Quantum Overdrive skill can no longer be used while activating Warp Arrow, which previously caused Quantum Overdrive to have no effect.
  • Fixed an issue where Clint’s bow may sometimes disappear after initiating a parry.
  • Resolved an issue where Hawkeye’s Hunter Arrow would not scale properly, doing significantly less damage than intended at higher levels.
  • Added audio effects for when Clint casts Hunter’s Arrow while aerial.
  • Fixed an issue where Black Widow’s Shadow Walker skill would extend to all her abilities rather than just Veil of Shadows.
  • Fixed an issue where Black Widows grapple line would sometimes fly off in a random direction after performing a grapple swing.
  • Resolved an issue where Thor’s Bifrost would reset the duration of Support Heroic buffs.
  • Fixed character/camera jittering which would occur when walking towards a ledge while aiming with Hawkeye, Kate, and Black Widow.
  • Hulk’s Stranglehold charging state can no longer be interrupted by Adaptoids.
  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause players to become stuck within a fallen Warbot after defeating it.
  • Maestro no longer gets stuck in the air after initiating a jump.
  • Abomination can no longer be grabbed when he is shrunk by Pym Particles.
  • Fixed an issue where Gamma status effect would do more damage than intended.
  • Players can no longer perfect parry gas clouds created by Purge Keepers, Plague Drones, and Plague Proto-Synthoids.
  • All chests have had Minor Artifacts added as possible drops.
  • Gold chests will no longer award common items.
  • Bronze and Silver Chests have a reduced chance at granting a Common item.
  • Branded gear has a better chance of giving that Brand’s preferred attributes.
  • Some missions have had fixed rarity rewards replaced with rewards that scale the rarity to the active heroes’ current Power Level.
  • Resolved an issue where Hero Set Gear could have equal to or worse attributes than Epic gear.
  • Resolved an issue where vendors were sometimes offering gear of the wrong rarity and Power Level. The effect of this change is that a hero increase in Power Level the vendor will offer better rewards for that hero.
  • Fixed several missions so they display accurate rewards.
  • Missions show more detailed secondary rewards when those rewards are available.
  • Removed the rarity reward penalty for getting low star rating on missions.
  • Resolved an issue where Old Fashioned Beatdown achievement/trophy would sometimes not track and unlock properly.