Dark Souls III feature

Dark Souls 3 January 12th Update released, fixes technical/crash issues

FromSoftware has released a new PC patch for Dark Souls 3. According to the team, the January 12th Update brings various technical fixes, and addresses some crash issues.

This PC patch is 9MB in size, and Steam will download it the next time you launch its client. FromSoftware has not revealed any changelog/release notes for this update.

In case you weren’t aware, FromSoftware restored the game’s online functionalities back in August 2022.

Lastly, and speaking of Dark Souls 3, we also suggest checking out the following mods for it. Dark Souls 3 Ashen Blood is a cool single-player Bloodborne-based overhaul modThe Convergence is another cool mod that adds over 150 spells, new bosses, dozens of weapons & more. And then there is  BloodSouls Judgement of Ash which adds new bosses, animations, areas, and over 150 weapons.