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NieR Automata – Anime vs Game Video Comparison

The first episode of the anime adaptation of NieR Automata aired a few days ago. This first episode features numerous from the game, and below you can find a video comparison between the anime and the video-game.

To be honest, this is one of the most faithful video game adaptations I’ve seen. I know that some may say that the upcoming live-action series for The Last of Us may be better. However, The Last of Us’ series has numerous changes (they’ve even removed the spores and replaced them with tendrils). On the other hand, a lot of scenes from the NieR Automata series are almost identical to the game.

This shouldn’t of course surprise anyone as you can get closer to the original material with anime. And yes, 2B looks absolutely stunning. I seriously can’t imagine a live-action series that can top this anime adaptation (at least based on this first episode).

Speaking of NieR Automata, I also suggest downloading this HD Texture Pack for the game. Created by GPUnity, this pack overhauls over 3000 textures.