XCOM 2 – New Patch Fixes Crashes & Includes Some Performance Improvements

Firaxis has released a new patch for XCOM 2. According to the team, this patch fixes issues causing known crashes and includes some performance improvements. Moreover, the team stated that it will continue its patch support over the coming months with additional fixes and performance updates.

As Firaxis noted:

“It is important to the team that we address the issues below as soon as possible so fans can get back to enjoying the game. Stay tuned for more information on future updates.”

This patch will be auto-downloaded by Steam, and you can read its complete changelog below.

XCOM 2 – February 17 Patch Changelog:

  • Player is unable to progress to scan in the Geoscape after completing the Resistance Communications research via Tutorial – This will fix previously affected saves.
  • Unable to load saves with a Chryssalid Cocoon – This will fix the issue, and for previously affected saves.
  • Adjustments were made to Texture Streaming to assist with periodic frame spikes.
  • Using the preview voice button for a modded voice pack will no longer crash the game when in the armory.
  • Removed 8x MSAA from default Max settings.