World of Tanks as a new discipline of the Electronic Sports League

By now most of you will be familiar with the Electronic Sports League and those of you that don’t should be ashamed of yourselves. So fans of World of Tanks, get ready as Wargamming’s little gem joined the list of the disciplines of the ESL Major Series. World Of Tanks is a team-based Massively Multiplayer Online game, for which the sense for strategy and teamwork are necessary in order to triumph over the enemy‘s tank division. World of Tanks is the world record holder for the largest amount of players playing at the same time on the same server.

Ibrahim Mazari, the Director of Public Relations at Turtle Entertainment said:
“Wargaming developed a game with huge potential to be accepted by the eSports community. It combines the complex standards of the different genres such as action, simulation, role-play game and shooter – and it is for free. World of Tanks can definitly become a huge eSports game.”
Alexey Kuznetsov, the Event Manager at added:
“ESL is the acknowledged leader in holding championships in cyber gaming realm. We are honored to launch the strategic partnership with such a highly acclaimed and trusted organization that became the one-and-only choice for professional gamers all over the world.
The World of Tanks’ huge success and the army of dedicated die-hard fans merged with ESL’s experience and reputation guarantee both parties achieving even higher standards in management of championships aimed at eSportsmen.”
In case you were unaware of, ESL Major Series is one of the most important tournaments in the Electronic Sports League – the largest and most important league for gamers in Europe consisting of more than 3 million registered members and more than 740,000 registered teams. ESL is operated by the company Turtle Entertainment GmbH since 2000 and offers more than 3,500 professional leagues and amateur ladders from a variety of games. Nearly 400.000 matches per month are being played worldwide using the ESL technology. The ESL website currently reaches above 1,6 million unique visitors a month and about 35.000 new players register every month.