Confirmed: Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition version 2012 coming also to the PC

PC gamers were on the edge these past days. And it was natural. Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition has just been released and Yoshinori Ono has already revealed a new version for their critically acclaimed fighting game. Well, fear not as Capcom USA’s Christian Svensson stated that the PC will also get this new update.
Although Yoshinori Ono stated that version 2012 would come on PS3 and X360, Svensson reassured us that Ono’s statements was due to the fact that Capcom Japan and Capcom USA hadn’t spoken about the PC version till yesterday.
Christian Svensson wrote on Capcom’s forum:
“Ono wanted to talk to me first about it since he and I hadn’t discussed PC before and the PC SKU has been handled by our office. We spoke about it this morning. Naturally, I’m supportive and we’ll make it happen.”
Svensson also noted that the PC release of the 2012 version might be slightly delayed. Still, it is coming guys so don’t point your gun at Capcom… at least not yet!