Weekly CryEngine 3 Gallery [March 24th – 30th]

CryEngine 3 v2
CryEngine 3 fans, today we bring you new shots from the works of modders h1989, the_grim, MrEnergy, Puppy, The Vulture, walid-payne, MasterHonsel, benkeeling, AkiRa, Zepic. The highlight of this week is Hynik’s artistic video. Hynik painted a number of pictures in Photoshop and then brought them into CryEngine 3 where he sat them up and had a camera move around. The end result is simply amazing and can be easily described as a piece of art (though some may find it boring). Enjoy!

walid-payne no1walid-payne no2Puppy no2Puppy no1the_grim no1ich1989MasterHonselMrEnergyThe Vulture no1The Vulture no2AkiRa no4AkiRa no3AkiRa no2AkiRa no1Zepic no2Zepic no1benkeeling