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Ghost of Tsushima PC has just been delisted in over 100 countries

Ghost of Tsushima has been available for pre-order for a while now, and it will finally come out on PC on May 16th. However, it appears that a lot of PC gamers won’t be able to play it. In a shocking move, Sony has delisted the game in over 100 countries, just days before its official release.

For those unaware, Ghost of Tsushima will be using a PSN account for its multiplayer. However, its single-player won’t require a PSN account. So, everyone assumed that the game’s SP would be available globally. However, instead of restricting its online functionalities to countries without PSN support, Sony decided to delist the game.

The same thing happened with Helldivers 2. Even though you don’t need a PSN account to play it now, it got taken off the digital shelves in countries that don’t officially support the PlayStation Network. Man, what a cluster-f.

You can find here all the countries in which the game is no longer available. This is coming straight from Steam’s database. And yes, yesterday, the game was available for pre-order in all those regions.

GoT restricted countries

So, right now, you can’t buy Ghost of Tsushima in countries like Egypt, Vietnam, Tunisia or Monaco. From what I can see, the game is also not available… in Japan? What the hell? Why isn’t the game available in Japan (Update. So apparently the inclusion of Japan was a mistake as the SteamDB page was updated)?

It’s ironic that folks in countries where the game isn’t currently available might turn to piracy just to play it. It’s a messed-up situation. In the end, pirating might be the only choice they have. Not only that, but a pirated copy will work everywhere in the world. It’s crazy, but that’s just how things are.

Ghost of Tsushima is a game I’ve been looking forward to. And, you can bet your asses I would be extremely pissed if I lived in the delisted countries. But hey, I guess Sony “learned” what PC gamers wanted, right? Man, talk about killing your own games so that you can force your stupid online service on PC gamers.

Sony and Sucker Punch haven’t said anything official about this yet. If they do, I’ll update the article. Also, we haven’t got a review code, so don’t expect a PC Performance Analysis on day one. Still, I’ll be sure to share my first thoughts on how it runs.

Stay tuned for more!