Battlefield 4’s Footage Was From A Pre-Alpha Build, Was Running At 3K Resolution

Battlefield 4 v2
A couple of days ago, we informed you about the GPU powering Battlefield 4’s gameplay footage. As we revealed back then, DICE took advantage of AMD’s upcoming dual-card, the AMD HD 7990, to showcase its title. We are pretty sure that a lot of you were – somehow – disappointed by this as an upcoming high-end dual card could mean that this title would struggle with older GPUs. However, that’s not the case as DICE has unveiled some new, interesting details about it.
In an interview with CVG, Battlefield’s executive producer Patrick Bach, revealed that the BF4 demo was running at a 3K resolution with 60fps, and that the demo was based on a pre-alpha built that was not optimized at all.
 “It was a decent PC, yes. But you can still buy it, so it’s not like alien technology or anything. It’s still a PC that you can buy and it’s still unoptimised code. Another thing that you might not have realised is that we ran it at 3K resolution at 60fps, and you don’t do that. Nobody talked about pixels because at that size you couldn’t see them.”
Patrick also said that nobody asked DICE about the resolution the game was running or the GPU that was powering it.
“Just the fact that nobody asked us what resolution we were running at to me is proof that it fades away – it’s not important.”
However, that’s not true as we were among the first who asked this question (and we are pretty sure that others did as well). Naturally, DICE and EA did not comment on that (or on whether the game will feature an offline mode) so that’s a yellow card Patrick.
Battlefield 4 is planned for a Fall 2013 release on PC and current generation consoles!