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Watch_Dogs – Modders Aiming For ‘E3 2012’ Visuals, Real Ultra Quality Settings Supposedly Uncovered

As you may already know, Watch_Dogs does not look anything like its E3 2012 tech demo. Naturally, PC modders are already trying to find ways to bring the final build closer to that awesome tech demo. And while modders won’t be able to add the missing graphical effects (like PhysX debris and smoke), they’ve already found ways to improve the visuals and bring the game’s lighting system as close to the E3 2012 build as possible.

First of all, we’ve got some interesting SweetFX mods from Dirty Dan and K-putt. In addition, we feel the need to also share the Realistic SweetFX mod for Watch_Dogs.

Our reader ‘Jonathan Gustafsson’ has also shared with us a video, showing off another SweetFX mod that aims to recreate the look of the E3 2012 build (those interested can download the SweetFX mod that Jonathan used from here).

Watch Dogs - SweetFX E3 Graphics (MOD) HD

Last but not least, Guru3D’s member ‘kadzait24’ has been tweaking the game’s XML file and has reported some interesting findings. According to kadzait24, his updated XML file improve’s Watch Dogs to the real “Ultra” Quality settings.

These new “Ultra” Quality settings sport:

-Better Physics
-Improved HDR
-Better Textures and mapping
-Better Rain and splashes quantity
-Improved Reflections in the water and for the cars
-Better Water, Vegetation and Geometry quality
-Improved LOD and FOV
-Better colors everywhere
-Better Shadows
-Better SSAO Quality
-Improved Lighting for the entire game

The modder has provided some before/after comparison shots that can be viewed here.

Those interested can download the mod from here. In order to install it, all you have to do is copy/paste the code in your GamerProfile.xml file, save it, and make it a ‘read only’ file.