Warner Bros and IO Interactive will announce Hitman 2, logo gets leaked prior to official reveal

A few hours ago, Warner Bros tweeted a teaser of a new game that will be revealed this Thursday. However, it appears that its official website has spoiled that surprise. As we can see below, the logo for Hitman 2 is present at Warner Bros’ website, hinting towards an incoming announcement.

Here is the link for the Hitman 2 logo. As we can see, this image link comes straight from Warner Bros so I guess it’s pretty obvious that Warner Bros will announce Hitman 2 in the following days.

In case you’re wondering, Square Enix released the latest Hitman game in an episodic form. However, IO Interactive then acquired the rights of the Hitman IP from Square Enix and has been handling it since June 2017.

Our guess is that Warner Bros will simply handle the distribution of the game and IO Interactive will retain the game’s rights. Whether this Hitman 2, which may be Hitman Season 2, will be released in episodic form like its predecessor remains a mystery.

Stay tuned for more!