Valheim 4K Texture Pack-5

Valheim & Devil May Cry 5 have sold 10 & 5 million copies, respectively

Iron Gate has announced that Valheim has sold over 10 million copies worldwide. Similarly, Capcom revealed that Devil May Cry 5 has sold over 5 million copies on all platforms.

Valheim is a brutal exploration and survival game for 1-10 players set in a procedurally-generated world inspired by Norse mythology. In this game, players can craft powerful weapons, construct longhouses, and slay mighty foes to prove themselves to Odin. The game came out on Steam Early Access in February 2021, meaning that it took over a year in order to hit its 10 million goal.

Speaking of Valheim, we suggest trying the following mods. There is a mod that adds The Witcher 3’s Geralt, Ciri, Triss & Yennefer to the game. Moreover, there are mods that overhaul magic, reduce grinding, remove boss healing and allow you to auto-pick items. There are also mods that add bears, lockable doors, airships, and runestones. Furthermore, you can find a cool Harcore Server Mode. And lastly, this HD Texture Pack greatly overhauls the game’s graphics.

On the other hand, Devil May Cry 5 is an action-adventure game. DMC5 features three playable characters, each with a radically different stylish combat play style. The game also uses Capcom’s in-house proprietary RE engine, offering some of the best in-game character models we’ve seen. Devil May Cry 5 came out in March 2019, meaning that it took the game three years in order to hit its 5 million milestone.