Valheim 4K Texture Pack-5

New 4K Texture Pack for Valheim greatly overhauls the game’s graphics

Modders “panoc” and “Willybach” have released an amazing 4K Texture Pack for Valheim that you must download. According to the duo, the purpose of this mod is to transform Valheim’s visuals into a modern-era triple-A game.

This new 4K Texture Pack features high-quality textures for your Valheim world, HD map and mini-map plus new particles that replace the default vanilla square ones. The mod currently covers all existing textures of the game, flora, building items, weapons, armors, creatures etc.

This Texture Pack comes in two versions. The High Version is using 8K terrain atlas and 4K/2K/1K textures. So yeah, some really small textures are not 4K but this is to be expected.

You can download the mod from here. You can also find below some screenshots that showcase these new textures.

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