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Ubisoft shares the official RTX PC Requirements for Watch Dogs: Legion

Last month, Ubisoft shared the official PC system requirements for Watch Dogs: Legion. And today, the French company revealed the PC requirements for enabling the game’s real-time ray tracing effects.

From what we know so far, Ubisoft will be using Ray Tracing in order to improve the game’s reflections. Moreover, Watch Dogs: Legion will support DLSS.

As the team noted, PC gamers will at least need an RTX2060 for gaming at 1080p/High settings with Ray Tracing Medium and DLSS. For 1440p/Very High settings and Ray Tracing High/DLSS Quality, Ubisoft recommends using an RTX3070 or RTX2080Ti. As for 4K/Ultra with Ray Tracing Ultra/DLSS Performance, Ubisoft suggests an RTX3080.

Watch Dogs Legion releases on October 29th!

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Watch Dogs Legion RTX PC Requirements