Ubisoft developer claims that it is really hard to get DX11 performance parity in DX12

Last week, we informed you about NIXXES’ beliefs regarding Microsoft’s latest API, DX12. As NIXXES’ CEO claimed, DX12 is hard, it can be worth the extra effort, but it may also not be. And during this year’s GDC, another developer has also expressed how difficult it actually is to even get performance parity with DX11 under DX12.

Tiago Rodrigues, 3D programmer at Ubisoft Montreal, claimed that developers will most probably won’t be particularly satisfied with DX12 if they only care about raw performance, and that it takes a lot of effort to get a DX12 game up and running as fast as its DX11 counterpart.

“If you take the narrow view that you only care about raw performance you probably won’t be that satisfied with the amount of resources and effort it takes to even get to performance parity with DX11. I think you should look at it from a broader perspective and see it as a gateway to unlock access to new exposed features like async compute, multi GPU, shader model 6, etc.”

Ironically enough, DX12 was advertised as an API that – thanks to its low-level nature – would offer a better overall performance than DX11. However, it appears that developers will have to struggle and put a lot of effort in order to take advantage of it.

Thanks PCGamesN