Tomb Raider PC – TressFX will be fully playable on GTX680, Nixxes Working On Lara’s Hair Collisions

TombRaider cosplay
We know that a lot of you were disappointed with Tomb Raider’s performance, even on high-end GPUs such as Nvidia’s GTX 680. Well, we got some good news everyone. According to both Nvidia and Nixxes, a single GTX 680 will be able to handle TressFX once the game gets updated. In other words, forget all those claims about Kepler’s weak DirectCompute capabilities.
This information comes straight from one of Jason Lacroix, a member of Tomb Raider’s development team. Jason has provided proof of him being a member of the development team, so no – this isn’t someone trolling just for the hell of it.
According to Jason, Nixxes and Nvidia are currently working on the first patch of Tomb Raider for the PC, and promised that they will be releasing iterative patches in the coming days to try and address many of the reported issues.
Jason has also revealed that he’s also been reading many of the comments regarding simulation issues and that there will be some improvements over TressFX.
As Jason said:
“I’ve tightened collision with the character as much as possible, which hopefully will help a little. We are also looking at simulation issues with hair spazzing out during camera cuts and erratic movements, and will hopefully have a fix for this as well soon. Lastly, we’ll try to weight down the hair simulation a little more, as many of you find the current implementation “too floaty”. It may take a few days, but know that someone is actively working on these things. And thank you for your continued support.”
Great new then for everyone. Let’s hope that Crystal Dynamics and Nixxes will release a patch with the aforementioned fixes before the end of this month!