Tomb Raider Gets A New Patch With Significant Improvements In CPU-limited Areas

Tomb Raider v2
Crystal Dynamics has released a new patch for the PC version of Tomb Raider, and according to its changelog, this patch comes with significant performance improvements in CPU limited areas. Now we are not certain about these improvements because we did not notice any at the start of Mountain Village (right after the attack from the wolves). But anyway, some users may notice those improvements, so kudos to Crystal Dynamics for at least releasing it. This update will be auto-downloaded from Steam and you can view its complete changelog below.
Tomb RaiderĀ 1.01.748.0 Changelog:
– Fixed problem with Mountaineer, Sure-Shot, and Demolition outfits not properly unlocking when no other DLC is installed.
– Fixed TressFX Hair not being able to be turned on, on some machines, when using AMD Eyefinity or NVIDIA Surround.
– Significant performance improvements in CPU limited areas, for example in Shanty Town. (This is the same fix we have previously exposed to users on forums with the MulticoreFlushMode registry key).
– Fixed water polygons randomly disappearing on Intel graphics hardware.
– Fix problem with English VO setting when playing in Japanese not properly being remembered after a restart.
– Minor UI improvements.