TitanFall Will Be Playable At 4K On A Single Nvidia GTX Titan

TitanFall v2

Nvidia has released a new video in which its engineers and military personnel traveled to Los Angeles to bring the Respawn Development team GeForce GTX TITANs and NVIDIA SHIELDs. It’s an interesting video but what’s buried in that video is more interesting than the fact that TitanFall will work great with Nvidia’s GPUs.

According to one developer from Respawn, TitanFall is playable – or should we say enjoyable – on a single GTX Titan in 4K.

As the developer claimed:

“So recently we’ve got our 4K monitor here in the studio and I’ve had the great pleasure of playing TitanFall in 4K on a Titan GPU and it’s gorgeous. It was unbelievable. It’s a whole new experience.”

So there you have it everyone. TitanFall – in its current state – runs in 4K on a single Titan card.

TitanFall is currently planned for a March 11th release on PC, Xbox One and X360!