Tomb Raider’s original composer on TR4: “the whole of the original Core team had practically left”

Tomb Raider Lara Pose

It’s always great to dig up the past and uncover things that never crossed your mind. Tomb Raider is a franchise that was introduced with Playstation 1 and was developed by Core Team. However, that team was merely a shadow of its former self by the time it was developing the fourth part of this IP. As Nathan McCree – Tomb Raider’s original composer – revealed in an interview with Platform-Online, the whole original team had practically left by then.

As Nathan McCree said when the conversation went to Tomb Raider 4:

“Yes – the whole of the original team had pratically left by then so it was a different animal by then.”

Which pretty much explains why TR4 was not as good as its first three parts.

Of course, this is nothing new as we’ve seen a lot of studios losing its members that made them what they are/were. Infinity Ward is currently a shadow of its former self and the very same can be said about a lot of triple-A companies. Hell, even id Software and Epic Games are facing major difficulties with most of their iconic members leaving them.

Nathan McGree went in full details – in the aforementioned interview – about the making of Tomb Raider’s soundtrack, so be sure to read it.