DSOGaming – Darkout – First 15 Minutes Playthrough


Allgraf was kind enough to provide us with a review code for Darkout – a sandbox PC sci-fi action game with procedural generated environments – and you can view below its first 15 minutes. Darkout features a sandbox environment where players progress through randomly generated 2D levels as they research, build, and defend themselves against alien beings that roam the darkness.

Our first contact with Darkout was kind of bizarre. On our first playthrough, our cursor was not changing to a chest icon. As a result of that, we could not salvage our pod and continue our playthrough. Even after creating a new world with our first character, our cursor was not changing to a chest icon and it nearly drove us crazy.

Thankfully, after creating a new character and yet another world, we were able to proceed. However, we’ve encountered yet another bug/issue with our current playthrough. While building our first house, we selected the Wooden Block and for some unknown reason it was dropped on the environment. Naturally, we tried to pick it up afterwards but we could not. Hell, we pressed all buttons but there was nothing to pick the Wooden Block up again. Needless to say that when we restarted the game, the Wooden Block did not drop when we selected it.

Apart from those issues/bugs, we have to say that Darkout is quite good and will be enjoyed by fans of Minecraft and Terraria, though we’d  love to see a better tutorial. The current one is quite good, however we strongly believe that it needs a ‘back’ option in order to read the previous hint.

Darkout is similar to Terraria. Players can research, build, and defend themselves from a number of enemies that become most active at night. The game packs incredible 2D visuals, and that’s definitely one of its advantages. Darkout looks lovely and is easy on the eyes.

Darkout is priced at 11,99€ on Steam and comes – at the moment of writting – with a 15% discount.


DSOGaming - Darkout - First 15 Minutes Playthrough