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This Doom Eternal Mod increases the duration and amount of particle effects

Nikk Mann has released a pretty cool new mod for Doom Eternal. As its title suggests, Particles 9000 aims to overhaul the game’s particles effects. This mod achieves that by increasing the duration and amount of particle effects for all player weapons and several explosion effects.

Moreover, Particles 9000 increases the light radius of all player weapon lights. This will make them feel more dynamic/interactive with the environment.

The end result is pretty cool and makes the game look more chaotic. According to the modder, this mod brings a 1-5fps hit. The modder also suggests disabling the in-game anti-aliasing as it greatly adds ghosting and blurriness to all translucent effects like fire and smoke.

This mod actually reminded me a similar mod for the first Crysis game. While it was quite unrealistic the Crysis Extreme Particles Mod made the game look even better. At least in my opinion.

You can download this particles effects mod for Doom Eternal from here. I’ve also included below a video that showcases this mod in action. Also, you can find a video from the first Crysis in order to remind you how good it can look with some mods (alongside its Extreme Particles Effects mod).

Have fun!

DOOM Eternal Mod Release: PARTICLES 9000

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