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The Witcher 3 Redux V1.1 re-balances combat, adds freeform targeting mode & survival elements

It’s Christmas day and as you may have guessed, most companies are closed for holidays. As such, there aren’t a lot of gaming news these days, therefore, we decided to focus today on various mods that have just been released or updated for your favourite games.

Today, modder ‘STELLAR7Project’ released a brand new version of his The Witcher 3 Redux mod for CD Projekt RED’s RPG. In case you didn’t know, The Witcher 3 Redux brings a slightly more realistic damage model, so that Geralt can inflict damage comparable to a human enemy of similar level. This mod introduces a freeform targeting mode, combat-based stamina, ability enhancements, and an unlockable special attack.

Furthermore, world timescale is now configurable for variable lengths of days and nights thanks to this mod, and time passage in cutscenes and fast traveling have also been modified to be more cohesive and consistent. Previously weightless items have weight, and you can no longer carry stuff beyond the inventory limit. In addition, there is now a survival element in terms of food, drink, and rest.

What’s also cool here is that all of the gameplay related changes can be individually enabled or disabled from the mod menu options. This basically means that you can freely enable those gameplay changes that suit your needs or playstyle.

The Witcher 3 Redux version 1.1 adds skill-based ability points, adds a customizable crossbow damage multiplier, fixes “Manual Combat Engagement” behaviour toggled by Lock On Target key, and adjusts parrying so that it can no longer drain stamina with “Combat Stamina” disabled.

Those interested can download The Witcher 3 Redux V1.1 from here, and here is its complete changelog:

The Witcher 3 Redux Version 1.1 Release Notes:

  • Skill-based Ability Points
  • Enemy Vitality/Essence Modifiers [UPDATED Damage Rebalance]

Minor Tweaks/Fixes:

  • Customizable crossbow damage multiplier ([REDUX OPTIONS]->[COMBAT])
  • Survival stats displayed on HUD as Thirst, Hunger, and Fatigue with 4-bar GUI measure
  • Survival stats listed under “Additional” tab in character sub-menu of inventory
  • Parrying no longer drains stamina with “Combat Stamina” disabled
  • Fixed “Manual Combat Engagement” behaviour toggled by Lock On Target key ([REDUX OPTIONS]->[COMBAT])