The Witcher 3 Geralt screenshot

The Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition V3.30 final is available for download

It’s been a while since our last look on the The Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition mod for CD Projekt RED’s RPG, right? Well, good news everyone as modder ‘Sir Reaperrz Custard McButtfuck Esq’ has released a brand new version of it.

In case you weren’t aware of, W3EE is a complete overhaul of most of the game’s mechanics and systems, promising to offer great depth and stimulating gameplay. The mod was designed with realism in mind, but in keeping with the spirit of actually having fun in a game, thus keeping tediousness to a minimum while simultaneously trying to offer enticing and somewhat realistic gameplay to the player.

The Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition introduces lots of new stats like attack and dodging speed, poise, adrenaline, vigor and more. These stats are all interconnected and have effects on regeneration rates, values and many other things. Furthermore, this mod overhauls the game’s sword mechanics, adds a new array of combat moves and new animations to Geralt, introduces a friendlier HUD, and improves the game’s combat.

Our last look on The Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition was back in January 2018. Since then, the modder has made a lot of improvements, tweaks and enhancements. For example, the modder has added several new item stats, improved bomb throwing and aiming mechanics, added the ability to counter counterattacks and more. Its latest version, V3.30 final, fixes wraiths having armor, poisoned blades not working and intense igni option not working.

Those interested can download the The Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition mod from here. Do note that this mod requires a new save as both the vanilla saves and saves from before W3EE V3.0 are not compatible with it.

Have fun!