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The Witcher 3 Devil’s Pit mod will introduce proper stealth and sneaking mechanics

Modder ‘SkacikPL’, the man responsible for the first-person mod for The Witcher 3 as well as the Luminous Engine Graphics Configuration Tool for Final Fantasy XV, has informed us about the upcoming version of the Devil’s Pit mod for The Witcher 3.

In case you weren’t aware of, the Devil’s Pit mod for The Witcher 3 introduces unused area of caverns located at the Devil’s Pit quarry along with numerous enhancements to the area and additional content that can be enjoyed within the base game.

The new version of this mod that is currently under development will introduce stealth and sneaking mechanics. Upon entering the new sneaking mode all enemies turn neutral (if initiated before combat). Visual detection range is based on field of view cone with up to 55 degrees to the sides (total FOV of 110) and 20 meters forward, measured from position and rotation of the head. Those parameters change depending on time of day, location and weather condition.

Regarding the mod’s stealth mechanics, the modder had this to say.

“Moving makes you easier to detect, whilst wearing Viper hood and Raven’s armor makes it a bit harder for enemies to see you. During night or in dark places both detection angle and distances decrease dramatically (unless NPC is carrying a torch). Sneak mode applies debuff to all enemies, opening them up for a one-hit backstab. Touching an enemy, being seen, throwing a bomb, using explosive bolts or casting aard/igni will also cause detection instantly. Killing an enemy will also cause surrounding enemies to turn in his direction (scripting doesn’t really support making them come to investigate).

Entering borders of their current perception range will highlight “alerted” NPC and make them look at the detected player direction for 5 seconds. In alerted state on-screen vignette will also change color to white with intensity increasing as likelihood of being detected rises.

Stealing is also limited only to enemies and only works while undetected. Each stealing attempt may blow players cover if initiated from too far (and at the same time if you touch the enemy, it will alert him as well) so you want to be as close as you can without actually touching the enemy.”

In order to showcase the stealth and sneaking mechanics of the Devil’s Pit mod, SkacikPL released the following video so be sure to give it a go!

Witcher 3 - Stealth mechanics in Devil's Pit mod