Final Fantasy XV Luminous Engine Graphics Configuration allows you to go beyond the in-game presets

Modder ‘skacikpl’ has uploaded the Luminous Engine Graphics Configuration Tool that was found in the demo version of Final Fantasy XV. Thanks to this tool, which now works with the final/retail version, PC gamers can go beyond the in-game graphics presets and enable some hidden options.

As the modder noted, settings created with the tool are written to GraphicsConfig.ini in main game folder and override the one in “My Documents” folder. To make the game load your default settings file from “My Documents” folder you will need to remove the one from the main game folder. Also bear in mind that adding custom commands to default GraphicsConfig.ini does not work as the game doesn’t read all commands from it, and adding custom commands to GraphicsConfig.ini in main game folder without having the tool present may cause the game to crash.

Via this tool, gamers can set their maximum framerate, can enable high precision 3D render target, set the texture streaming memory, adjust the model LOD and Shadow distance scaling, and adjust the screen filter detail level.

Furthermore, players can enable FP16 backbuffer. FB16 backbuffer stands for “half precision floating point operations for the back buffer” that can potentially lead to greater performance at no visible loss in image quality. Do note that your game will crash if your graphics card does not support it.

Those interested can download the tool from here. In order to install it, you’ll have to drop both folders to your main game installation folder. The application is located in “tools\GraphicsConfigurationTool” subfolder (file tree is mandatory, otherwise application will not start).