The Witcher 2 – Digital sales exceeded CD Projekt RED’s expectations

Here are some good new for all Witcher fans out there. CD Projekt RED has just announced that The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings’ digital sales have exceeded their expectations as the game has sold, in its first quarter, nearly a quarter of a million units. Naturally, the best distribution platform was Valve’s Steam where The Witcher 2 sold 195,000 units, whereas CD Projekt RED’s service,, has sold 35,000 copies of DRM-free copies.
CD Projekt’s boss, Marcin Iwinski, said:
“We are even more pleased that our own platform had such a great share in the Witcher’s success. The performance of in selling new titles is not completely surprising, as we have said for years that DRM isn’t necessary.”
The aforementioned numbers are nowhere close to the sales of games like Modern Warfare 3 or BF3, or even Fifa12, but let’s not forget that The Witcher 2 is a game for a niche market.
Marcin then added:
“It is gratifying to see that the only platform that offered The Witcher 2 DRM-free from launch has performed so well. We’re confident that many gamers who haven’t had a chance to purchase The Witcher 2 just yet will take advantage of holiday specials and continue to expand our fanbase.”
It will be really interesting to see the sales of the forthcoming X360 and whether those sales will actually affect the development of The Witcher’s third part.