Tribes: Ascend Beta Patch coming Today

Hi-Rez Studios has just informed us about the first significant patch to Tribes: Ascend Beta that will be made available today. We should also note that the servers are expected to be down today from 14:00 to 19:00 GMT (~9:00 AM to ~2:00 PM US Eastern) while the patch is deployed. This first patch adds new maps to the Rabbit Rotation (Drydock Night Map) and the CTF Rotation (Drydock Day Map).
Additionally, this patch features a large number of bug fixes, as well as a variety of improvements to server stability and disconnects.
Here is the complete changelog for Tribes: Ascend’s first Beta patch:
Major Highlights since Version 0.1.504
•Removed speed cap. Implemented various falling, skiing, and jetpack physics changes.
•Changes also include a variety of modifications to Skills to better fit into the new movement system. XP will be refunded for those skills that have been deprecated.
•New Map added to Rabbit Rotation (Drydock Night Map) .
•New Map added to CTF Rotation (Drydock Day Map) .
•Variety of improvements to server stability and disconnects (may still be several issues outstanding — please report them if you find them).
•Variety of UI improvements and cleanups (most significantly to the death camera and to the Skills and Perks screens).
•Large number of bug fixes.

Additional Items
•Adjusted flag throwing physics to improve throwing in specific directions.
•Players who leave or disconnect from a match will now receive XP and Tokens for their time in game, once that match has ended. [NOTE: Some issues remain if you are offline when the match you were in has ended. These are being researched and should be fixed in an upcoming patch].
•VIP Experience now properly awarded to VIP players on Free Servers (while VIP Servers are not in function). Rank Experience is not increased by VIP or Boost anymore.
•New tooltips for Skills and redesigned layout for the Skills popup window.
•Added two-step process for selecting both class perks at the same time.
•Added new death camera info box, displaying killer’s name, remaining health, class, rank, weapon used, and perks equipped.
•Adjusted Light/Med/Heavy flight characteristics at high speeds.
•Help text ignores are now properly saved.
•Fix for zoom breaking if zoom was enabled while a player died (this only happened when the Toggle Zoom feature was enabled).
•Support for “Borderless Window” option. Removes border from window (best use is to run at monitor’s full-screen resolution — allows for faster Alt-Tabbing in and out of the game).
•Picking up a repair tool from a repair station now replaces the player’s currently equipped weapon rather than always replacing the secondary weapon.
•When a player enters an inventory station, they begin health regen immediately.
•Fixed hit indicator being on the opposite side for the back side hits.
•Fixed mipping issues on many hand models as well as the spinfusor and sniper rifle
•Separated input release time and animation time from inventory stations.
•Fixed bug with call-in cooldown not behaving properly.
•Added the syncing of PID-loop state between client/server for Shrike. This should lower server correction and possibly eliminate the “death blossom.”
•Allow re-selections of Perks that player has already assigned to a character.
•Fixed bugs with wrong pop-up windows, lost button events and wrong buttons visible in different states.
•Store redirects to purchase gold from store when not enough gold on player to purchase classes.
•Fixed an issue where context help messages would not disappear if the player died near an object showing help text.
•Fixed an issue where the health regen effect would cancel the Jammer Pack effect.
•Fixed an issue where certain spots in certain maps would catapult a player at incredible speeds if the player flew into it a specific place.
•Pressing weapon swap when the current weapon is the Laser Targeter will revert to the previously used weapon rather than always choosing the secondary weapon.
•Fixed an issue where turrets could be deployed off the ground and float in air in certain circumstances.
•Fixed an issue where a turret’s rotation could be incorrect after being deployed.
•Fixed an issue where the death camera would not reset its view target and would keep showing the last killer even if the player suicided.
•Added third person animation set to better represent SMG weapons.
•Update to death camera for turrets and suicide.
•Consolidated Class Ratings concerning movement into “Mobility” rating.
•More descriptive class loadouts on Class Screen.
•Players will only receive the VIP Unlock message once.
•Moved bolt launcher first person model down to avoid arm clipping into screen.
•Fixed issue where the Chaingun was not correctly reporting ammo counts after picking up a dropped ammo pickup.
•Fixed issue where base sensors were not detecting enemies correctly in certain situations.
•Fixed player health bars not updating their max percentage correctly due to skills and the Determination perk.
•Fixed not being able to rebind the ‘c’ key.
•Fixed the issue in Katabatic where there was an invisible wall on either side of the generator in the Blood Eagle base.
•Fixed issue with BXT1 Clip size skill applying to the Nova Blaster.
•Fixed issue with minimum deploy distance between Force Fields not being correct.
•Fixed post process effects persisting to the main menu when disconnected from a match
•Added all new perk icons for HUD and menus.  descriptive tool tips, with information on how to unlock each.
•Added rollover tooltips for perk icons on “potential perks” as well as selected slots on the class screen.
•Fixed Fonts on tooltips for dynamic text fields.
•Fixed Flickering on Perk Icons, added new Icons for additional perks.
•Fixed issue where the character at the class screen would sometimes jitter violently when the death camera was following a vehicle.
•VGS commands should now properly play audio on all headphones.
•New Accolade icons for base destruction and repairs.

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