Dungeon Defenders Update 7.08 Released

Trendy Entertainment released a new update for their Tower Defense Action-RPG, Dungeon Defenders. This new update will be applied auto-maticaly the next time you start the Steam client and support for the 16-player PvP CTF Pre-Alpha Season Pass “Frostdale Village” DLC. Moreover, those interested can download a demo for it from here. You can also view the entire changelog after the jump.
Dungeon Defenders Update 7.08 Changelog:
* Added 16-player PvP CTF Pre-Alpha Season Pass “Frostdale Village” DLC support.
* Fixed return-to-tavern crash / map-transition crash
* Fixed issue where Costumes would sometimes not be unlocked when completing Halloween Spooktacular!
* Fixed glitch where you could get “Unlocked New Mission / Costume” messages on every startup unless you did a local save
* Kobolds should no longer ever phase through blockades
* Raised cap on Monk weapon Ranged Damage stat per upgrade to 85
* Added Insta-Invest button to immediately dump in as much Mana as you can for the next Upgrade level
* Fixed bug where User Interface debug info could appear on-screen by pressing some obscure key combination
* Chain Lightning Tower now immediately retargets to new enemies after killing an enemy. Also its Attack Duration Ramp has been increased by 40%, now you get much longer-hitting lighting towers, and Lightning Tower AOE including max number of chains increased by 10%, and its Max Chain Length increased by 33%
* Uber-Chicken Pet’s Damage now scales with Hero Damage and has a reasonable impact AoE, making it a fantastic boast-worthy reward for any Legendary Defender
* Fixed issue where DarkBot and Spanky pets weren’t counting towards the “Gotta Catch Em All!” Achievement. If you already have those Pets, with this update you will simply need to drop those Pets from your Item Box or Hero, and pick them up or store them again, in order to have them count towards the Achievement.
* Fixed Ogres occasionally getting stuck in creep rooms on Glitterhelm
* Chicken Pet can no longer have poor number of upgrade levels
* Added simplified Monk Auras for low-quality graphics modes
* Enabled Guardians to boost multiple nearby Defenses! This is a new, upgradeable stat on all Guardians (only upgrades once every 10 levels so you need to be packing a high-level Guardian to get the most out of it). Increased Guardian boost-amount exponents by 100% so their Boost-stat value will have more of an effect as well. Enjoy it, it makes Guardians an incredibly powerful buff especially when used in team groupings!
* Auto-lock items picked up from tavern floors
* Reduced enemy ramp by over 60% for Survival Enemies (so a much quicker affair now), but now the Survival/Pure-Strat difficulty ramp vastly increased once you get past Wave 10. Moved Giraffe Pet earning to Wave 25 survival.