Dragon Age 4 new concept art

The new Dragon Age won’t have any multiplayer, will be single-player only

It appears that the overwhelmingly positive reception of Star Wars: Fallen Order is finally paying off. After what happened with Anthem, EA and BioWare will reportedly remove the multiplayer modes from the new Dragon Age, and will focus on delivering a single-player experience.

This comes straight from Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier. As Schreier wrote:

“The diverging trajectories of two recent games changed the minds of Wilson and other executives at EA, according to the people. One was Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, a single-player game released in November 2019 that won critical acclaim and outperformed EA’s sales expectations, reaching more than 10 million players in its first four months. The second was BioWare’s Anthem, a multiplayer game that was widely panned when it launched. The games showed that single-player games could still be lucrative and that BioWare, traditionally known for its single-player, role-playing games, might be better off returning to its roots.”

This is excellent news for all Dragon Age fans.

Let’s now hope that BioWare won’t drop the ball, and that both the new Dragon Age and Mass Effect games will be worthy successors to their franchises!