The first male/female nude mod for Kingdom Come: Deliverance has been released

Well, this was bound to happen sooner or later. The first nude mod for Kingdom Come: Deliverance has just been released. This mod basically replaces the default female model which has all ladyparts cut-off with a full naked in-game model. 

What’s really cool with this mod is that all the girls/women are dressed up. In other words, and contrary to other mods, it does not immediately remove the cloths from the NPCs. Instead, players will have to undress the girls/women themselves while playing the game in order to get them naked. To put it simply, this is actually a SFW nude mod.

The latest version fixes some random naked females that could appear in the game, as well as some clipping issues. As such, almost all models look normal now while dressed up.

Do note that this mod is far from perfect though as there are lots of bugs. For example, the hair still disappears after undressing a girl and skin color shifts.

Modder ‘hvip4’ is offering two versions for his female nude mod and one version for his male mod. Those interested can download the mod from here (search it as ‘Naked Mod’).