Tom Clancy’s The Division surpasses 20 million total players

Ubisoft has announced that more than 20 million total players have played Tom Clancy’s The Division. Moreover, and according to the stats that the French company published, 500K players have spent 400 hours in the game.

Most recently, Massive studio released Update 1.8 – Resistance in December 2017, which signified a new step forward into making the current version of the game, the best it has even been. Update 1.8 was the biggest free content update so far, doubling player engagement and generating positive feedback amongst the player community.

Julian Gerighty, Creative Director of The Division, said:

“We are very proud of what we have achieved during these past 2 years. Listening and giving back to the community has always been our first objective and we would like to thank all The Division players for their valuable feedback and their support.”

Today, Tom Clancy’s The Division contains a number of different modes, including multiple PvE activities, two PvP game modes, a survival mode, continuous live activities like Global Events and Double Reward Weekends, and much more.