Final Fantasy XV official skin making/changing modding tool planned for a May/June release

Final Fantasy XV releases in a few days on the PC and although the game will launch with minor modding capabilities, the first proper modding tools, according to Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata, will be arriving two or three months after release.

In an interview with GameWatch, Tabata revealed that an official skin making/changing modding tool will be released for the PC version of Final Fantasy XV in May or June.

In other words, Final Fantasy XV will feature very few modding tools capabilities at launch. In May/June, Square Enix will release the skin making/changing modding tools and at a later date, the team will release a level editor.

As Tabata said:

“For now, let me first create a character. After that we are planning to implement a level editor in the tool so that we can create quests. I’d like to decide how to extend it further after completing the current schedule.”

Final Fantasy XV releases on the PC on March 6th!