Embarrassing – Metro: Last Light’s Ranger Difficulty Can Be Easily Activated Via A Registry Tweak

Metro Last Light v3
Now this is really embarrassing for both 4A Games and Deep Silver. Remember the Ranger DLC Mode that can is being sold for 5 bucks? Well, this mode can be easily activated via a registry tweak. Yeap, you read that right. You won’t have to download anything additional in order to play with this ‘hardcore’ game mode. Only one registry value is needed in order to unlock this mode.
This guide was provided by Reddit’s user ‘InkBubble‘. Sadly, InkBubble used a pirated version of Metro: Last Light, something that is indicated by the FLT folder that is present in his guide. Therefore, we’re presenting you a guide for the legit version of Metro: Last Light
So, what do you have to do in order to activate the Ranger mode? Just follow this guide.
“1: open regedit
2: Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Valve/Steam/Apps/43160
3: Create a new String value called ListOfInstalledDLC with Value data 222801
4: Open game – New game – Select Hard Ranger Mode”
And there you have it everyone. Ranger Mode is fully functional with this tweak. We can confirm that this tweak works as we’ve been able to enable it and test it. In other words yes, this is the real deal. If you cannot find a folder named ‘43160’ (as we didn’t have such a folder in our Steam registry), simply browse until you find the folder that contains Metro: Last Light, and do the aforementioned changes.
Enjoy and happy gaming!