Surprising news – 4Chan defends CD Projekt RED and The Witcher 2

Let’s face it, 4Chan is a place where most pirates are gathered. This is not to say that 4Chan is worthless or anything. Its fanbase is simply huge, therefore it’s only natural to have a lot of people who pirate games. In the past, we’ve seen in 4Chan users sharing cracks, information about illegal downloads, as well as one hell of leaks and trolling attempts. However, today we witnessed something that put a smile on our faces and proved that there are still users who can appreciate and acknowledge developers such as CD Projekt RED.
As usual, a user was having some problems with The Witcher 2 and decided to ask for some solutions to his issues. However, the poster made one crucial mistake as he admitted that he had downloaded the game from a torrent site. And then, out of nowhere, 4Chan’s members decided to give this user the finger and suggested him to go and buy the actual game.
The comments in that 4Chan thread were hilarious. 4Chan’s member consider Projekt RED their buddies and their bros in arms. And most of them said to the topic starter to simply F’ off. Reddit’s member ‘zv0’ shared an image with 4Chan’s reaction and can be viewed below. Thank God there are still people who appreciate games like The Witcher 2. Way to go 4Chan community!