Success: SimCity running in offline mode thanks to a mod

Sim City 5 v2
Ah, the power of modders. Yesterday, we informed you about the opinion of Maxis’ insider regarding a possible offline mode for SimCity. Fast forward and here we are today with a modder, playing the game in offline mode for more than 20 minutes, and without having any crashing issues. YouTube’s member ‘UKAzzer’ has showcased SimCity in offline, though some┬ádebug features were disabled (as the modder didn’t have an actual developer’s build. Still, a few things did work – including editing the main highways anywhere – proving that an Offline patch for SimCity wouldn’t take much time or trouble.
As the modder said:
“This shows that highway editing will be easily possible, AND that editing outside of the artificially small city boundaries should be very viable too.”
UKAzzer has also modded a couple of other things too. With his mod (that has not been released yet mind you) there is unlimited time to remain disconnected (won’t get booted at 20 minutes, can now be disconnected “forever”) and the population count now shows REAL figure, not the “artificially inflated” figure.”
You can view a video from UKAzzer’s mod below.
Here is hoping that the modder will further polish and release this mod, or that EA will roll out an official Offline Patch for it!
SimCity 5 - Edit freeway anywhere even outside boundary, still saves and syncs!